Milonja Bjelić-Miud
Милоња Бјелић-Миуд
Milonja is an established value investor with a diversified portfolio in trading, manufacturing, technology and start-up companies. An astute businessman who values science and integrity, he is continually pursuing opportunities to capitalize on emerging markets, build key banking relationships, and seek out quality companies with long-term growth prospects.
Milonja started his career in 2000 in New York City's Financial District, where he used his aptitude for mathematics and software programming to create solutions at options and futures algorithmic trading software pioneer, Actant. In 2002, he co-founded and served as CEO of the software development company, Novativa Corporation, which ultimately built a market-making platform for complex financial derivatives. He sold his shares of Novativa in 2008, choosing to maximize his personal assets by focusing on value investments and various fintech startups.
Since 2010, Milonja has strategically managed his portfolio to maintain steady annual returns. Today, he directly invests in diverse, yet growing, sectors and maintains ownership in several private companies and a significant portfolio of exchange-listed shares. Throughout his dealings, he has garnered a stellar reputation with bankers and executives for investing prudently yet realizing above-average financial results.
While maintaining a hands-on approach with the companies he's invested in, Milonja splits his time between Malta, Montenegro, Serbia, and other countries. Family is the most important value in his life, and he is proud to be husband to Gordana and father to four sons. He enjoys traveling with his family and advising his children in academics.