My name is Милоња Бјелић (Milonja Bjelic or Milonja Bjelić in latin alphabet). Reason for using cyrillic alphabet is to prevent non-native speakers from trying to pronounce my last name (they never do that correctly :-) I was born in Serbia in 1972 from a Montenegrin father and a Serbian mother. Serbia, Montenegro, United States and Malta are countries where I spent parts of my life so far. My current primary residence is in Malta and my second residence is in Belgium. I am married and have two young boys. My family is the most important interest in my life. My first educational interests were mathematics and physics, and then computer programming. Mathematics was always my favorite because you either solve an equation or not - method, style or likeability does not count ;-) In the past several years I am working in and learning about finance and investing. Even though I already made some relative success in the field of my newest interest, I personally consider myself a student in investing and prefer to specify my occupation as self-employed. Value investor is what I would like to consider myself one day. Naturally, I respect Warren Buffett in many ways, including for his investment thinking (of course ;-) which most probably I did not even begin to understand. "Be fearful when everyone is greedy, and be greedy when everyone is fearful" describes probably the most important rule, and I think that is one of the compressed thoughts from Warren Buffett that I understand. He has these super-relevant compressed statements that journalists most often over-analyze in wrong directions. I prefer to work in silence and I did not have a personal home page for a long time, but I recently decided to reveal more about myself and my interests. That is the reason why I set up this home page - to introduce myself. If you want to contact me for any reason, please send a message to e-mail address shown above. If you do not get a reply it means my SPAM filter is not working well ;-) Sincerely, Milonja (Милоња Бјелић) December, 2009.
I have no social media account - I will update only here once in a few years so anyone interested will know that I am still alive ;-) It is now late 2014 and many things changed: c'est la vie and I have no time to write all of this. I have three smart and beautiful kids, but I do not like to post their photos online. However, while transferring my photos to another location, I left a few here - the first photo is a bit too dark (that is what happens in your soul if you live in a big city for too long ;-) and these below are light.